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How We Select Audience for Social Media Marketing and PPC

Marketing is all about targeting and reaching the right audience at the right time and the right place. Digital Marketing has made marketing quite flexible. It was not as easy as it is now. Everyone around the world is using the internet. Millions of people out there are using Social media apps to connect to the globe. If you are not reaching the right audience for your business then all efforts are in vain. Reaching the desire and right audience is considered a vital factor by many successful companies.

If you are planning to select an audience for your social media marketing and PPC, stick to this blog until the end it will aid you out. If the content does not reach the right audience then your business cannot grow the way it should. Firstly we will talk about the selection of audiences for social media marketing.


Social media marketing is primarily the use of social media apps to give a rise to your business and make the audience aware of your brand. Identify your target audience. In social media, there is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media

Most of the youth and even the old age are using these apps. Try to build an audience persona. Your first priority is to have information about your audience and their interest. It is a hyper-direct way to reach your audience. Through ads on social media, you can give a boost to your business.


Facebook is popular all across the world. It’s a great platform for social media marketing. With video ads or photo ads, you can reach out to your desired audience. If you have a very tangible product then a photo ad on Facebook can help in the advertising of that product. When it comes to e-commerce then Facebook is the front foot.

Facebook Ads

Pricing on Facebook ads varies widely on several factors, including the audience you are trying to focus on and therefore the budget you set for your ads.

There are three core and crucial parts to be in place and running successful Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Arranging your ad
  • Setting up targeting audience
  • Arranging up retargeting

 Instagram holds more than 500 million monthly users. Instagram is the second source to attract customers after Facebook.  Basically, it’s a good way to attract your customers through it. Instagram Ads can also help in marketing for your brand. You can do it by customer targeting options. There are plenty of users of all age groups. All you need is to have an insight into their interest.


Twitter Ads help in the awareness, conversion, and consideration of your audience. Through twitter ads you will maximize the reach of your ad. Twitter has changed the world, it is providing unparalleled access for users to attach with mainstream influencers.

Twitter ads

With more than 327 million monthly active users, it remains among the foremost popular social media platforms. Unlike Facebook, Twitter continues to be a viable network for organic engagement. Brands don’t have to pay so much as to achieve their followers, which boosts the platform’s value even when running paid ads.

How to select audience for PPC:

When we are going to start a PPC campaign, it’s quite easy to get confused in the sauce of keywords. As you pedal hard to get in front of your targeted customer. First priority is to select target keywords in order to target the right audience at the right time and the right place.


Keyword selection is the core of any PPC. If you will be able to use the keywords correctly then on any search your business will appear at the top of the search result.

Keyword targeting, especially when won’t to its full potential, remains a vital and capable tool for locating your perfect audience. Targeting the words and phrases that you simply believe your target market is going to be using will play a vital role.  Whenever that term shows up during a search, your ad would appear there.


Targeting the particular audience by topic, aids in placing your ads on various web pages, etc. Targeting topics should be based on a larger and broader level. By doing this you can target more audiences. When running a paid campaign for your upcoming event, you’ll be able to use topic targeting to possess your ads to appear on websites, apps, or videos that are associated with the respective brand.

With topic targeting, you’re driving awareness of your product, service, or event by putting your ad before users who don’t fathom what you’re offering, and far less, are even actively looking for it.


Another important and vital way to make sure that you are catching the right people for your product is selecting the targeted placement of your ad. This method permits you to select your ideal audience.  If we look at it metaphorically then we can say that you are targeting the right audience under your nose.

You know there are lots of users out there who are visiting the websites of organizations you are partnering with for your business but the opposite organization would not be promoting the brand on their own. Either way, those users don’t understand the campaign. With placement targeting, you’re putting your ads on the sites and pages that you just know relevant users will visit.

Overall, while most customers are online nowadays, that doesn’t mean that each one of them is visiting and have an interest. Hopefully, with all of these steps taken, you will be ready to identify the correct audience that’s most relevant to your business, and ultimately be ready to focus your efforts to urge those people to convert into loyal followers and customers of your brand.


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