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GWT is an abbreviation of Google Webmaster Tools. When you know about GWT then you should know about Google Search Console as well. Google Search Console is a sort of free service that allows you to learn about a huge deal of information regarding your website and it also aids you to learn about the people who visit your website.

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Search Console aid you to find out that how many people are visiting your website, how they are finding your website. Google search console helps businesses to have knowledge about their audience that how they are searching the website. Whether they using a mobile device or computer.

Search Engine Console allows you to know that which pages are most popular and how you can find and fix errors as well. Every website should be connected to Google Search Console to get full advantage from all the insights.

Website performance report

Webmaster Search Console allows having a performance report. A website performance report is vital for your website. The performance report in the Google Search console gives an insight into your site’s performance. How often it is appearing in search results, what is the click-through rate, and any other special features that are associated with your website?

Through website performance report in Google engine console one can know about:

  • Through Search Console, you can see that how your web traffic changes, from where it is approaching your website, and what kind of queries they are having about your website?
  • Webmaster Search Console allows you to have a site performance report in which you can learn that the questions or queries are being raised through smartphones and how you can sort out these queries as well by targeting the right audience at the right time.
  • Google console aids in learning about the pages that are having the lowest or highest click-through rate.
URL inspection

 URL inspection is another essential feature of Google Search Console. Webmaster Console has this tool to provide enough information about Google’s version of a specific page. It includes errors like AMP, Structured Data, and other issues.

The information that is provided by the URL inspection tool is used to evaluate search engine results. URL inspection tool knows the technical demands and your page can become invisible after the last seen of Google. So they can test the current version of Google pages. Tasks done by URL Inspection Tool in Google engine Console are as under:

  • URL inspection tool follows up the current index status of a URL.
  • Webmaster Search Console uses this tool to inspect a live URL. It comprehends that whether a page is needed to be indexed or not
  • Through the URL inspection tool, you can even make a request for URL crawling.
  • As you can view an extended version of the page; you can view the rendered version as well.
Website Index

Your website needs to get indexed at Google. Because without your website being indexed, you would not be visible in search engine results. Google Search Console is a marvelous and free service that is being offered by Google to aid the website managers in checking the clarity and indexing stance of your website in the searches of Google.

Several tools of Google Search Console home are helpful for the website’s health so that it can run properly and efficiently.


Google search console tool provides the coverage report. In this report, the webmaster console furnishes knowledge on which pages the website is indexed. Any problems presented in URLs are listed. Googlebot in the Google engine console tries to look at the problem and then index it. In the coverage report, the main page shows all the URLs.

  • It shows the errors in the web search console.
  • It tells about the warnings and the indexing of pages along with minor problems.
  • Google webmaster console gives a lot of information as compared to the old Google.

Sitemaps in New Google Search Console are very crucial because they enable Google to index your website accordingly. If the website is probably smaller then anyone can afford it on the pages. Google site console knows the vitality of sitemaps and if a website has various products, files, people, and posts then the index is needed to link it with several sitemaps.


Google Webmaster console has vital and essential removal tools. It enables you to block the page for the nonce. It’s blocks the pages from the Google Search engine searches.

It’s a new tool and it has enhanced the safety features on Google. You can temporarily block URLs and other web pages. You can hide your content and prevent being ranked through this feature of the Google search console.

Web Enhancement

This Google Search Console tool is quite vital. It is an essential tool to aid and increase your website’s SEO rankings. The web enhancement section is crucial. Through this Google Search console section, you can fix all the errors and you can make your website perfect and efficient.

Core web vital

Core Web Vitals in the Search engine console are a set of various features like speed, stability, and responsiveness. These metrics will aid the site owner to measure user experience. It is a new and genuine method of measuring and analyzing the performance of a website.

In the Google search console, core web vital not only notes the metrics of fast or slow but it measures the performance.

Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is used by Google site console and it shows that which pages have usability problems when they are viewed on mobile devices. The mobile usability feature allows seeing all the issues. You can click on a particular issue and then you can approach the details. The mobile usability feature lets you approach the sample list of the issues and information to resolve those issues as well.

All in all, it a crucial feature of the Search Engine console. It informs you regarding the process of fixing these bugs too.

Site links Search box

In web enhancement site link search boxes are crucial features. Webmaster Tools console has this search box and it is a fast way for many people to search their sites on Google. This search box in the Google search console implements real-time features too.

This search box feature is powered by Google search.  Through website structured data, you can help Google better to comprehend your website.

Security and manual action

Google search console has magnificent security and manual actions. Webmaster search console has a list of guidelines and when any issue occurred it works according to those quality guidelines. Most manual actions are done at the search index. If any site is affected by the manual action, the Google search console will notify through the manual action report.

Manual Action

Manual action feature of search console Google lists manually detected an issue about a page on Google. These detected issues are not generally dangerous for the users. These are listed without even the visual indication.

Security Issue

On the other hand, security issues report lists to indicate that the site was hacked or the behavior on the website that can cause harm to any visitor or their gadgets. Google search console provides magnificent security gives a warning on the search result pages regarding the installing of malware or unwanted software. That’s how the security issue report in the Google engine console works.

Legacy Tools and Reports

Legacy tools and reports in the Google search console have a full replacement. The search console team is working on this legacy tool strategy. It has some sort of intrinsic value.

International Targeting

Legacy tools and reports are crucial features of the Google engine console. It is a simple tool named International targeting. It aids Google to extract data. If the website has many pages with template data, you can use this tool to extract structured data from similar coded pages. International targeting controls over targeting.


Messages feature in Google search console SEO is very crucial. It streamlined updates and alerts. It is not the easiest tool but its features do not allow the emails to get buried.

URL Parameters

There are various special URL parameters in the Google console. It is a staple of webmaster console tools. This tool allows the owners to have control over the crawl budget. URL Parameters are the parameters that have values. These are set dynamically. It enables the pages on the Google search console to show different views.

  • Active parameters have the ability to change the content of the page by transforming it in a certain way.
  • Passive parameters don’t have any sort of effect on the content.
Web Tools

The web tools in Google search engine console SEO gave access to various aspects like the experience reports and other data testing.

Google Search Console Links

Pages on your website are linked through the URL. Google search console links are combined. A duplicate link plays a role in this regard. It is a link that has the same source of URL. Every page on the website can attract external links. It provides valuable information about links.

Links in the Google search SEO have always been a vital ranking factor for search engines and it plays an important role in SEO.

Google Settings

The Google settings enable you to view the settings of your website properly. Through the Google settings feature of the Google engine console you can enjoy having:

  • Value description of Google settings
  • You can manage your verification of the website
  • You can see and manage the list of the user on your website on Google as well.
  • Through the Google setting feature of Search console home, you can remove your property as well.
  • You can limit the web crawl rate as well.

Google search console is the best friend of Google. Using the Search Console, you can comprehend how and why your site is performing well. It also assures that Google has brilliant access to your content. It keeps your site safe from spam issues.

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