why wordpress is the most popular cms


With more than sixty Billion users around the world of Word Press, there is no denying in the fact word press is ruling over the internet. It is the most powerful and popular Central Management System. Word Press enables customers to create, manage, replace and prepare their web sites and blogs with the aid of some of the tools.

Google Trends additionally mentioned that WordPress is nine instances greater famous than Drupal. There are many brands that use Word press because it is easy, feasible and accessible. First and foremost there is a need for you to know that what is CMS?


A content material control system (CMS) is a software program for developing and dealing with virtual content material. The maximum famous shape of CMS is an internet content material control system (WCM or WCMS) which represents a CMS designed to assist the control of the content material of Web pages.

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The reputation of WordPress represented with the aid of using seek traits is pondered within the utilization costs of the CMS. While WordPress tops at 26.7% of web sites the use of this publishing platform, Joomla is utilized by approximately 2.8% of web sites. This distinction in utilization costs simplest turns into starker while you test the marketplace proportion of the CMS. WordPress has almost 60% of the marketplace proportion.

The WordPress network internationally became growing. More and greater people have been constructing WordPress sites for various purposes. About 26% of web sites within the world are strolling WordPress. This range has grown as much as 30% in the coming years as WordPress is publishing content material.

This is greater than some other platforms. Additionally, this makes it one of the quickest growing Content Management Systems. It is sincerely the maximum famous choice for constructing web sites.


 One of the primary benefits of WordPress is that it is an open-supply CMS and could continue to be so within the destiny as well. With WordPress being open-supply, a non-public business enterprise can’t determine to delete your content material on its own, irrespective of reason.

This approach that you’re not likely to lose your content material while you put up it the use of Word Press. Word press offers you full ownership of your content.


Word press is quite customizable. Initially, it is seen as a blogging platform but now it can be utilized to create any type of word press websites. You can get right entry to it effortlessly throughout all platforms. It makes use of loose license server, this means that you may set up it with no trouble on both windows servers or Linux.

It makes use of CSS and HTML with PHP to render net pages, which makes your internet site to be had on mobiles of all types.

Easy to Design a Word Press Website

  When you aim to create a word press website then a default theme and plugins are installed automatically. But is you do not like them or you have the need to change them then you can go ahead and change them according to your need and satisfaction.

 Themes of word press add to elaborate the designs of your websites. Word press also adds the functionality of your website.


  Speed and efficiency of word press is not hidden. It is famous and reputed for its installation time period of mere 5 minutes. You can upload your content and material in mere minutes. That’s the reason behind its popularity. It is flexible you can change it any way you want.

Blogging system (BUILT-IN)

The most promising and beneficial feature of word press is that you can add blogs to your site without any extra additional charges. You can upload your blog within no time.it allows you customize and optimize your blog too.


In contrast to different gamers within the field, WordPress is extraordinarily simpler to maintain. It is fee powerful and smooth to customize. Customization and improvement is a breeze with WordPress. You don’t get caught with a static internet site or a CMS that entails a lot of cash to tweak.

This can prevent a whole lot of cash at the same time as you warfare to get your internet site up and strolling. The identical assets may be utilized in different factors of the business. It is those low strolling charges that make many newbie organizations spend money on WordPress in preference to different structures to be had out there.


Who might have imagined that something began out as only a running a blog platform will finally emerge as the high-quality CMS within the world. This is due to the fact they’re continuously accomplishing new content, developing higher plugins, subject matters and tasty with the high-quality era to make it less complicated for you. From an easy weblog to a whole website, there’s a lot that WordPress can do for you.

With some of these factors taken into consideration, there may be no question that WordPress as a CMS is right here to live. And if anything, it’ll best develop larger within the coming years. With every WordPress installation, the network grows. Being a part of its network and this open supply challenge can also additionally look like a double-edged sword for some.

But in case you live knowledgeably and installed fundamental exceptional practices in-region then you’ll now no longer best be secure together along with your WordPress webpage however satisfied as well. Your alternatives are countless, it’s clean to get started, and you may fast examine WordPress and get assist from many unique sources.



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