7 Leading Trends Not to Ignore in 2020

Continual Success Is All About Advancement!
The more you keep yourself updated and in the top-grossing trends; the more you’ll be able to throw success parties consistently. The marketing today is much different than it used to be 10 years ago? No, only about 5 years ago, it already feels like a decade as the trends are evolving every day. It’s not that simple to compete as it was before. Now the people, the technology, and the trends are too paced up that either you pace up yourself or just sit back and relax because now to be up to date is the only ticket to be successful.

2020 has proved to be one of the most revolutionary years as the newest trends have piled up by this year. To be in the long run of business and marketing contests, I have figured out some trends that are and going to be more responsible for lead generation in the digital marketing trend and business arena. Do check out and act upon them to be in the winners.


As the rules, limits, and updates in digital marketing trend keep changing, human behavior and likeness too keep bouncing from one to the other. In the latest age, people are more leaning towards personalization. Why is it so? Because in the previously enhanced email and message marketing has exhausted the audience with unplanned and irrelevant messages bouncing in their inboxes leading them to just bounce back from such subscriptions. This is the main reason people are more into personalization these days.
Personalization should include suggestions based on a consumer’s primitive behavior. This is being done these days by many websites and brands by the application of coolies in their systems. You should keep working on the theme of personalization to get a better ranking. A consumer is likely to spend more time on a store or website where he has to wonder or think less and supplied with suggestions of his preference determined his previous activity on the website.

Voice Search

Voice search is emerging as one of the new affinities of the consumers as it enables them to free their hands from the effort of typing and use their voice for every search they want to do. According to different surveys and analysis, voice search shopping is going to be a big hit in the upcoming years. Integrating the voice search on your website is a potential phase of stepping up your game as it will drive people’s likeness to your brand and engagement as well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Not every enterprise is aware of the boons of artificial intelligence but if you know than luck is with you because AI is something that’s going to change the face of marketing and income by the next decade exponentially. AI excels humans in many tasks of efficiency, critical thinking, reasoning, further planning, and speed. AI performs more than one function and the sum of all the events performed by it results in an automated functional brand or website. If you haven’t endeavored with AI yet, soon set up a meeting with your team and start planning your AI.


Chatbots are an extension of AI in making your brand an automated one because the consumers of the recent century are quite impatient and want answers to their queries right in the next moment. Here chatbots serve you quite well. They reside on your website 24/7 and ever ready to serve your consumers in a more efficient way than a human can. Chatbots are capable to tackle more than hundreds of consumers at one time. They can even save the previous conversations, assess, and personalize the next experience making your brand an attractive one.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is also an application of artificial intelligence. It refers to automatic ad buying based on the previous consumer experience and activity on the website. It is a real time automatic bidding system that is much efficient an effective. Unlike the previous methods of directly buying ads this system is completely automatic from start till transaction.

Video Marketing

Videos and visuals these days are preferred as compared to text and readable format. Human by nature is somewhat lazy and tends to choose the task that are less strenuous therefore the videos are more popular now as they come with a lot of attractive themes and ideas that people become unable to avoid it. By creating innovative themes and ideas you can use this human behavior as a potential factor to increase your visibility and viewer attraction.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is grossing these days, we can relate this technique with the one of traditional times where people were hired as salesman to present your products to the different people by going their home physically, whereas in influencer marketing the picture is very much different and much effective as well. An influencer is a person liked and followed by many people who likes to see, follow and act upon his recommendations because they trust him with his reviews. So, it is an effective way to market your products by reaching out to the individuals that have a large following.


Top E-Commerce /Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Though Pakistan is still a developing country and lag behind the developed world in many aspects, the people of Pakistan are moderately moving towards advancements and trying their best to cope with the pace of the digital and developed world.

The commencing of 3G and 4G in Pakistan has favored it a lot as people have become more aware of the internet and web. It has been adopted by most of the population as more people are moving towards digital appliances and having smartphones for themselves. By 2020, the number of smartphone users has expected to reach 200 million.

With the elevation of the internet around the country, internet marketing and shopping have got the kickstart as well. It’s not that Pakistan had no e-commerce store before but the thing is people weren’t that aware of the facilities of the web whereas now almost every person of the community is well-known and somehow utilizing these facilities.

top 10 e-commerce websites

In this article, I am going to talk about the best ecommerce websites of Lahore that are serving it by providing online shopping facilities.


daraz shopping website

Daraz is reputed as being a pioneer of online shopping stores in Pakistan not because it came first but for the reason that it’s the first internet shopping place with diversity and quality performance. Daraz was established in Pakistan in 2012 under Rocket Internet while recently in 2018 it got attained by a Chinese company named Alibaba group. Besides Pakistan, it also serves in Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Daraz offers a diverse range of items regarding every niche of daily life from groceries to electronic appliances and everything that a house requires. A range of vendors represents their stores over this platform enabling people to shop online. One drawback of Daraz is there is no way to check the seller’s credibility, and it has harmed some of the consumers causing loss of their money. If you want to buy something from Daraz you are requested to check through different vendors and do check the user reviews for assurance.

fitbit shopping site

Telemart is one of the primitive and exceptional online stores that has gained popularity due to its unbound hard work and loyalty towards its customers. Telemart is a brand of a company “Tradelink enterprise” which has a track record of excellence of 27 years. Telemart deals in electronic devices like cellular phones, smartphones, watches, laptops, household appliances, entertainment gadgets, accessories, etc. Besides being a quality ensuring market Telemart also believes in providing the best pre and post-purchase customer services like detailed and guided information and discounts to the consumers. Like we know every good has something bad in it; the limitation of Telemart is there is no obvious consumer protection as some people had complained against the mobile phones received were faulty.

3. Chase value center

chase webiste

Chase value center is such a shopping hub of Pakistan that is so dear to its people because it thinks to accommodate the needs of middle man as well. Before becoming an e-commerce store chase value center started in Karachi in 2009 and now has its franchises in different cities of Pakistan, is nationally known as a shopping mall that not only claims but supplies a large variety of goods and items of almost every kind at wholesale prices so that people from every class could afford quality products. Chase value center as an best ecommerce website is the next step towards modernization and to fulfill the demand of the time. It enables its consumers to access quality guaranteed products, easy procedures, customer satisfaction, and 14 days exchange policy as well. It is a bit new in the online field still we have high hopes in this mart.

insipiron shopping site

Home shopping is also one of the earliest online shops doing great in the perspective and the right of the consumer by providing appliances, clothing, accessories, etc. at affordable prices. Moreover, work as a third party retailer that binds the public of Pakistan with amazon and help them buying quality products from the amazon and receiving them at their doorstep.


yayvo shopping sites is a brand introduced by one of Pakistan’s most trusted working lines; TCS, which is a leading name in the services of transmission of any product or thing. It is a corporate store dealing in different varieties of products like skincare, daily use products, and electronic devices, etc. supplies comprise of about 200k products with affordable pricing and extreme quality. is the first brand that also supplies entertainment tickets online such as tickets for cricket matches, world soccer, etc. A positive side is that it supplies goods in really less time.


shophive site

Shophive, established in 2005, is an old website struggling to be in the long run of online shopping. It deals in the products of electric and web-based appliances like smartphones, laptops, the latest watches, TV, tablets, cameras, etc. It has a tough time retaining its position due to poor management and servicing but still striving hard to serve its consumers by improving itself and providing customer-friendly offers like moneyback guarantee and exchanging facilities.

rog phone 3 site started back in 2011, is a tough competition for shophive in its wide range of appliances. It has a large number of products of almost every category that could drive customers for it. It is comparatively reasonable in value and the sellers and products are very reliable according to the consumers. It has an easy to use website and a good replacement policy.

goto shopping webiste in pakistan

Go to is a one-stop shopping place for online consumers that claim to endeavor the public of Pakistan with an easy, reliable, and hassle-free shopping experience. It offers leading brands of clothes, fashion, makeup, and much more at reasonable prices and premium quality services with reliable delivery service. It is established in Karachi and receives a lot of consumer support.


vmart site

Starting from 2007, Vmart has worked efficiently to become a premium level market place competing with larger brands like Telemart. It also aims at enabling people to be equipped with all sorts of digital gadgets and parts of the computers. Vmart has emerged as the fastest-growing enterprise in the e-commerce world with specializing in fast-delivering service.


shopdaily in pakistan is a project of two other brands and It deals in products of all kinds ranging from apparel to kitchen accessories and products providing the public with all sorts of items under one roof. It offers quite reliable quality and shipping services beyond the border.